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Hi, I'm Lisa Wade, and I'm so excited that you are interested in a career in experience design. I started my career with one of the world's first human-centered design consultancies in the late nineties. Since those early days I have been at the coalface of an amazing period of digital change, during which I grew Australia's largest UX consultancy from the ground up until selling it to PwC a few years ago.

UX and CX is a fascinating industry to work in, with a unique blend of art and science, combining psychology, design and research. What's not to like?!

I'd love to help you get started in your new career, and I look forward to getting to know you on the 5-Day Experience Design Career Kickstart.

Your dream career has never felt so close.
The Experience Design Career Kickstart is a FREE 5-day mini-course for you to figure out a direction and a plan for your new career.

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In five days you will truly feel like the lead designer of your new career. I can't wait for you to get started!


Sharpen your focus

1. Set direction

Identify the type of role that's best for you.

2. Build a strong foundation

Get your HCD education underway

3. Grow your network

Start making connections

4. Leverage your skills

Use your life experiences to get started

5. Start your engine

Identify your first portfolio project

Start your new career

Lain Duong, Service Designer

"I landed a CX research role in my new city within three weeks of Lisa's coaching and I'm finally off to a start with my CX career."

Jo Death, Codesign Facilitator

After working with Lisa, Jo kickstarted her career, moving from an administration role to her dream job working as a codesign facilitator at a leading global professional services firm.
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