Isn't it time you gave your new career a kickstart?

The 5-day Experience Design Career Kickstart is a FREE email program to help you get your new experience design career started. Over five days we will look at choosing the right kind fo role, to making the most of your past career experience.

In five days we will cover:

Day 1: Which direction?

Learn about a day in the life of different practitioners, and which type of HCD role is best for you.

Day 2: Strong foundations

Find out how to get a basic grounding in UX/CX skills and how to get your HCD education underway.

Day 3: Networking

It’s never too early to start making connections and our industry is full of friendly people ready to share their experience.

Day 4: Leveraging existing skills

No one is a blank slate. You might have a previous career you can draw from, or have experiences from your education that you can leverage to get you started.

Day 5: Start your engines

Identify the first piece of work you will contribute to your portfolio and start getting some real world experience.

Stop wondering how to get your foot in the door

Learn how to set yourself up to be your next boss's first choice and finally get that experience design career started.

Kickstart your new career

Why wait? Find out what you can do today to bring your dream career closer.