Why gardeners make great human-centered designers

service design May 28, 2019

As well as being a human-centered designer, I’m also a mad keen gardener. I'm lucky enough to live on a hobby farm on the edge of my city where I have a huge veggie patch and an orchard, where we grow all kinds of things. My family is pretty self sustainable. Most of our fruit and veg comes from our garden and my kids really have a strong connection with the origin of their food, which is a really important value in our family.

Experience designers (especially service designers and design strategists) and gardeners share a common interest in studying systems and how they interconnect. As an example, behind my veggie garden I am really really lucky to have an old dead tree in one of our paddocks and inside that tree is a beehive. I've never actually seen it up close as it’s way up at the top of the branches, but I know it's there because for a long time I have watched all the bees buzzing in and out of this hollow in the trunk.

My garden is so successful that when people...

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