Mentors, coaches and sponsors: how to find the right guide for your design career

coaching May 28, 2019

New experience design practitioners are often looking for someone who can guide them through their early years in the industry. Even people who have established careers can still benefit from another experienced perspective to help grow their careers and advance in the right direction.

New practitioners seek a mentor because they don't know what they don't know about our industry. Often they are looking for someone who can help them connect with the industry in a deeper way, whether that’s by providing advice on some of the first steps to take in their new career, or it could be for the connections that the mentor could offer. And sometimes people want help with really hands-on stuff, like how to best position yourself for different kinds of roles.

It's important to make a distinction between the three different types of people who can help your career get underway: a sponsor, a mentor and a coach.

A sponsor is someone who will help you grow your career by using their own...

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