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Hi, I'm Lisa

Experience designers have done a pretty bad job of creating a great experience for newbies to the industry. The HCD world can be tough to navigate when you don’t have a map.

I’ve been a human-centered designer since the late 90s (yeah, I know!), and I’ve worked with clients from a huge range of industries. I've built, run and sold a leading experience design consultancy, and I've coached and mentored a lot of designers along the way.

If you want to get started in UX, CX, HCD or service design, I’d be honored to help you get started. And if your career is a little stuck, you’re ready to take the next step, or you’re dealing with a tricky stakeholder, my experience may help you get to the next level.

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"Lisa's coaching helped me transition from an admin role to a designer role in a big 4 consultancy. She helped me develop the confidence to go for a role that would reposition my career."

Joanne Death
From executive assistant to collaboration designer at a big 4 consultancy

"Lisa is a powerful coach. She helped me pivot my career as a Creative Director in advertising to settle into into a new role in a leading professional services consultancy."

Melinda Kerr
Moved from advertising into top tier global professional services consultancy

"I landed a CX research role in my new city within three weeks of Lisa's coaching and I'm finally off to a start with my CX career."

Lain Duong
Customer Experience Researcher

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